Wednesday, November 28, 2007

RoseMary Teresa Update

There is so much to be thankful for as RoseMary Teresa continues to enjoy each day. Today was her 38th day of life and she continues to be happy and peaceful.
We are amazed, awed and humbled not only by the factof RoseMary Teresa's life, but by how many other lives she has touched. Her simple, beautiful, yet precarious existence serves as a reminder that each day really is a gift, with each moment to be savored and appreciated. God is good.
RoseMary Teresa is eating and sleeping well. On Friday, when the nurse came, she weighed 6 lbs 8 1/2oz and continues to gain weight nicely. Her color is good, she is breathing well and is very peaceful. RoseMary Teresa is awake longer now. She has two periods a day when she awake with her eyes wide open for a good hour at a time. Mary will move her face close to RoseMary and RoseMary Teresa, with eyes opened wide, will just stare into her mommy's eyes.
RoseMary and her family had a great Thanksgiving. All nine of her brothers along with her mommy and daddy were home with RoseMary Teresa for Thanksgiving. When you live each day in gratitude for every moment of life, Thanksgiving takes on an even more special meaning. To highlight the day, RoseMary Teresa celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the first time at her parish church.
RoseMary's brother Tom had to go back to college after Thanksgiving to finish the semester but her oldestbrother Joe got to stay home as his semester abroadended with the Thanksgiving holiday. Having Joe home adds just a little extra something. For mom, dad and RoseMary, its just nice to have the oldest back homefor a while. Its nice for the other boys as well, not just because they love their brother but also because, since he is unencumbered by any scholastic responsibility, he can focus on covering his share of the household chores.
One small chore, which no one really considers a chore, is to stand guard duty over RoseMary to protect her from her youngest brother Jack's excessive and potentially smothering attentions while Mary takes care of a small household duty. The irony is that each time Mary puts the call out for guard duty, it is always Jack who is the first responder. He'll drop everything, race to his mother and declare, "I gawd RoseMawie". This results most times in RoseMary's honor guard consisting of two "protectors" just incase one may be needed to protect her from her protector.
Mary was saying it is so much easier to trust confidently in God's goodness rather than to worry and be anxious. But this does require a lot of discipline.It is your prayers which help so much. Mary and David and the entire family are so grateful for your prayers. They continue to live, confident in God's mercy and grateful for each day. It is your prayers that continue to sustain RoseMary Teresa. Please continue to keep Mother Teresa hard at work interceding on RoseMary Teresa's behalf. Thank you for your faithful persistence.

Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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