Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RoseMary Teresa Update.

From her Uncle Joe:

RoseMary Teresa had a very big weekend. On Friday she celebrated her fourth week of life.
The celebrations kicked off with the arrival, onFriday, of Mary's sisters Charlotte, Patricia andElizabeth who traveled from New York and Pittsburgh respectively. What with three new aunt's in addition to Mary, Meg, and Meg's sister in law Jane, RoseMary Teresa received the most concentrated feminine attention than she has in perhaps her entire life. For the first time in a long time, RoseMary's brothers and boy cousins, normally the dominating force on the compound, were softly pushed into the background as her aunts doted on and pampered her for a solid two days.
The Hollywood paparazzi have nothing on the number ofpictures and video RoseMary Teresa's aunts expended incapturing RoseMary Teresa's beauty on film this weekend. Of course RoseMary Teresa graciously complied with all of her aunt's photographic requests. Not surprisingly, every picture came out perfectly.
For two solid day's, RoseMary basked in the loving company of her adoring Aunts, as she enjoyed hearing the latest news, old family stories, and of course a tremendous amount of laughter.
Throughout it all, she slept peacefully, ate, looked about, slept some more, and pleased her aunts to no end with her singular facial expressions. It is reported that RoseMary even cried briefly. This is very unusual for RoseMary Teresa who really has not cried during her entire short life. Her aunts were very pleased to witness this spectacular event. We think that it was in fact RoseMary's way to set theirminds at ease in the knowledge that she is aware ofthe tools available to her in dealing with her brothers if they should at anytime become unruly.
The weekend ended with the arrival of David's brother Phil and his wife Lisa on Sunday. RoseMary Teresa was visibly pleased to be able to meet and be held and loved by her uncle and aunt as well as to beintroduced to her cousins Anthony (6) Adrianna (5) andAllisondra (1).
It was a great weekend as RoseMary Teresa soaked up the love of her mommy, daddy, aunts, uncles, cousins,and all of you, her extended family. That's what she does, she thrives on love. It defines her life. It is in fact what keeps her alive. Don't doubt it for a minute, RoseMary Teresa lives on all of your loving prayers and sacrifices. There is something about this simple, beautiful baby that attracts so many to her in love and then causes them to love others even more.
Yet she is just a baby, a beautiful, peaceful, perfect baby. Perhaps it's like Mother Teresa used to say,"God uses nothingness to show His greatness".
Thank you all for your continued prayers. They are powerful and they are working. One of Mother Teresa's favorite prayers was the Memorarae. She used to suggest that people say the Memorarae or even a novena of nine Memorarae to ask Our Blessed Mother to petition Our Lord on their behalf. In storming heaven,this is very effective artillery.
Please continue to persevere in prayer and to keep Mother Teresa hard at work, interceding on RoseMaryTeresa's behalf.
God Bless

Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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