Saturday, November 10, 2007

Prayer intentions for the week begining 11 November 2007.

For the souls in purgatory.
For all the babies under the threat of abortion.
For all expectant mother's that are alone in their pregnancy. I pray that the church will support them in all their needs.
For the Holy Fathers prayer intentions.
For all Bishops.
For Rachel in her last weeks of University.
For Ebeth's husband.
For all of Lyn's needs.
For world peace.
For Tom this week as he get's his new pump.
For me and Steve to know what course we should take next year with our children's education.
For Baby Anna and her parents.
For baby Noah and his mother.
For all the dcf special needs children.
For Amber's sister and husband to have the money for adoption.
For Ronja who has back pain.
For Mary Ruth's daughter.
For Judy's sil who has been shot by her boyfriend.
For the tradiotional Anglican Council who are seeking full communion with Rome.
for a friends sister who may have schizophrenia.
For Rose Mary Therese who has trisomy 18.
For a mom and dad who are having relationship problem's with their teenage daughter.
For Christina and Christine who are in their last trimester of pregancy.

Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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