Monday, April 7, 2008

Prayer intentions for week begining 6 April 2008.

For Fr. John Speekman's cousin.
For all the babies under the threat of abortion and their mothers.
For Ebeth's husband.
For all of Lyn's needs especially baby A.
For world peace.
For all the dcf special needs children.
For baby Noah and his mother.
For Amber's sister and husband, the birth mother and twins they are going to adopt.
For Ronja who has back pain.
For all expecting mothers. Especially, Karen, Regan, Racheal, Annelisa, Rachel, Erin.
For JoAnn who has recently lost her baby to miscarriage.
For Steve and Lauren who are having marriage problems.
For Christopher and Teddy who are away from the church. May they seek God in all aspects of their lives.
For Danny who has MS.
For Linda in her job search.
For Casey Black who recently died and for his family and friends that are grieving his death.
For Audie as he undergoes radiation therapy and chemotherapy
For Jean and her husband as they prepare to sell their house and move.
For Rachel and Brad as they move interstate.
For Nora who is undergoing surgery on her hand.
For all Catholic married couples especially those that are having problems.
For Lauren Richardson and her parents as they meet this week.
for a friend that has lost her job due to poor health.
For all those that are suffering or sick.
For The Family of Joseph Fogarty who was killed in a car crash this week.

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