Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Please pray for Angela's Godfather.

A blogging friend has received an email telling her that her Godfather will be Euthanized on Friday.

Please pray for Angela and for her cousin that believes this is the right thing to do. Pray that Angela's Godfather will go in God's time, not mans.


Laura said...

Oh, gosh. God bless you for this! I'm a friend of Angela's (Angela Messenger blog) - and I'm sad to say that "Uncle Theo" was euthanized last Friday, the 25th of March.

However, the impact of our prayers has been and continues to be ENORMOUS. I know of more than one person whose commitment to standing up for the sanctity of life has been renewed. Many, many people were touched - and transformed - by praying for this man.

I'm going to forward your link to Angela.

How wonderful it is, when we are united in prayer! how STRONG we are in Him!

God bless you!

Mum2eight said...

Thanks so much Laura.

I am glad to hear that people have been transformed through the prayers.

Last night I wrote on my other blog about the possibility of euthanasia being leagalised here in South Australia.

The bill they have put before parliament is very frightening because it isn't just for terminally ill patients, it is also for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

I have two children that suffer from a chronic illness and the current bill frightens me a lot.

Please pray for our MP's and that this bill will not be passed.

Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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