Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prayer intentions from Desy.

Could everyone please keep in their prayers the following intentions from Desy and Lourdes.

For Arlita that Christ be her fortress in this her difficult times
For Dar and Mar that they may find it within themselves to serve God fully
For Vian and Sean and Rene that they may gorw closer and closer to God
For Sean (6 Yrs old ) who is just realizing that prayers do work thar he may experience more small miracles to keep his faith alive anf growing.

For Lourdes to keep on her path of becoming closer and closer to God
For Carlos that he may stop drinking
For her son David that God may always guide his steps and that he may listen to God
For her daughters that they may realize how wonderful God is
For Nadia to have a safe pregnancy and dilivery
For Carla that her eye surgery may be successful
For all the youths in our country Belize that they may find comfort in Christ
For her sisters that they may follow Christ's footsteps or at least come closer to him
For all our sisters in the Christ Renews His Parish Group that they may never go astray now that we are developing a personal relationship with Christ
That our faith may be increased
That God may comfort to all those who just lost a loved one

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Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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