Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby Khloe.

Over the last month I have been praying for baby Khloe. I have recieved the following email about her:

Hello all,,
Some great new! Our princess baby Khloe' has been
discharged and is home with mom, dad and brothers.
This family has a long, long road to recovery from
surgery, she'll be monitored closely by mom and dad
and her parents still await the results to the
chromosomal deficiency which could mean she will have
immunity issues on top of a fragile heart. Thank you
all so much for praying,,please continue to pray for
this baby and her family.

Mom said today:

"We are so happy to finally be home!! What seemed like
an eternity ago has actually been only been 19 days,
but no matter how much time has passed, it is so worth
it to go through whatever we have to in order to have
our little girl. She completes our family and just
solidifies the love our Father has for us in blessing
us with such wonderful and special children as
Brandon, Joshua, and now Khloe'.

My friends from my home school group here in Texas
painted huge banners that say Welcome Home Khloe'
Julia, all the children signed the banner, and there
were tons of balloons lining the driveway and walkway
to our front door. I also came home to several welcome
baskets with "mommy goodies", and most special and
precious was a binder from the home school group which
was made for Khloe' as a spiritual bouquet from all
the families, wishing her health and prayers. I was
moved beyond tears. Thank you dear Lord for this
wonderful group of families, who are now family away
from home.

We have a long and scary road ahead of us. We have
only been home since around 4pm, and I am already
paranoid about the boys being around her and being
sick. They are wearing their masks and it is so hard
for them to not touch her or hold her. Please pray for
all of us to have patience during this time. The
doctors have warned us that if Khloe' gets sick, we
will be back in the hospital. Please pray for her
guardian angel to protect her from germs and keep her

Michelle McClane :)

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