Friday, December 21, 2007

Special prayer request.

Please everyone pray for Louie Clark and his family.

Louie is suffering from emphasemia and only has a few days left to live.

If everyone could please hold Louie and his family up at this difficult time I am sure they would all apreciate the prayers very much.


Anonymous said...

I will lift him up in prayer to St.Jude. Blessings, Rose

Lilder said...

Louie has passed away on Christmas Day. Please pray for the repose of his soul.

Easter A. said...

Hi Therese,

Wow! You are one awesome lady, a wonderful prayer warrior! God bless you abundantly!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I've got a blog similar to this: Eucharist and Rosary Novena. It is mostly participated by homeschooling families here on Oahu.

Thank you and praying for Louie...

Easter A. said...

May Louie rest in peace with our Creator. Amen!

Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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