Sunday, October 7, 2007

Prayer intentions for the week begining October 7th.

For the souls in purgatory.
For Frank who will be baptized soon.
For Jane’s mom who is scheduled to have a biopsy done, but has postponed it because she's not feeling well enough to have the procedure.
For Lisa’s mom who has severe osteopenia.
For Lisa’s husband who has severe tendonitis
For a pain Lisa has been having of and on.
For Tracey who is suffering emotionally at this moment.
For the 40 days for life vigil.
For all the babies under the threat of abortion.
For the Holy Fathers prayer intentions.
For all Bishops.
For Rachel in her last weeks of University.
For Ebeth's husband.
For all of Lyn's needs.
For world peace.
For Steve and the children in their last week of holidays.
For me in working out our home schooling schedule.
For Baby Anna and her parents.
For all the dcf special needs children.
For Amber's sister and husband to have the money for adoption.
For Leah's husband employment situation.
For volunteer's at the Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic to do conselling and pray.

Most Holy Mother, Pray for us

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